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earn 20% RECURRING commission for every brand you refeR



Flaunt us and get paid. New rewards program for referrals.

We're onto you... You're absolutely smitten with Flaunter. So why not spread the love and be rewarded for it.

Introduce your favourite brands to Flaunter and when they sign up, you'll earn 20% commission every month. 

Friends of Flaunter are friends with benefits!



Share the love and get paid.

We want to reward you for being our ultimate Flaunter ambassador, recommending us to your fabulous brand contacts.

We’re super confident that anyone you introduce to Flaunter is going to fall head over heels, so start spreading the word and earn some extra income. 

Earn 20% recurring commissions for every brand you introduce to Flaunter*

Friends of Flaunter affiliate referral program
Friends of Flaunter affiliate referral program

Grow our brand network and attract more media attention

Flaunter connects brands and agencies with media, stylists and creators.

We constantly recruit new brands to the platform.  More brands bring more content - which engages more media - which means more coverage and exposure for everyone.

It's a win-win situation!

Earn unlimited commissions*

Know any brands who would like some extra media exposure? .... all brands want that, right!

Refer 10 brands to Flaunter and you'll earn over $8,000 in 1 year. 

There's no limit to your earning potential here. The more brands you introduce to Flaunter, the more commissions you earn.

That's more cash to re-invest in your own business! 

Barefoot Bali 43 HR-1

Who should you invite?

Any brand who's looking for more brand exposure and PR coverage. They'll need press assets including hi-res campaign and product images to get started. 

Flaunter is designed for:

  • Fashion and Accessories 
  • Beauty and Wellness
  • Home
  • Kids and Baby
  • Destinations and Venues
  • FMCG

How it works - just 3 easy steps

1. Sign up... It's free and takes less than 1 minute.

2. Share your unique link to your contacts. 

3. Watch and earn. As soon as they sign up, you'll be notified and see the commission in your affiliate program.

Download this Flaunter presentation to share with your contacts

* TERMS & CONDITIONS: Receive a 20% commission on any new full-rate subscription for 12 months, provided they remain paying customers. The maximum commissionable period is 12-months, and payouts will begin after 90-days with a minimum payout of $50.